Welcome to the FOWERAKER Website

Foweraker.com is a site dedicated to the Foweraker surname, and trying to bring all the Fowerakers of the world a bit closer together. It is currently maintained by myself, Rob Foweraker and other members of my family. We have put together some information on the Foweraker surname and some genealogical resources for the benefit of other Fowerakers out there and anybody else who might be interested (there must be thousands :-).

Several topics of immense importance (at least to a Foweraker) are covered.

Spelling and Pronunciation: First and perhaps least important are the delicate subjects of pronunciation and spelling. I guess you must be able to spell it already, or else you wouldn't be here, but you can also find out the different pronunciations (UK and Australian), just in case you ever meet a Foweraker in the flesh.

Origins: This little section describes the origins of the name Foweraker, both geographical and historical. Some new information has been sent by Ern Foweraker in Australia.

Fowerakers of the World: This section looks at the geographical spread of Fowerakers around the world. It also records all the Fowerakers who have visited this site and left a message in the guestbook or sent an email.

Ancestry: This section looks at Foweraker ancestry. Here you can find some references to help your research into Foweraker family history.

Famous Fowerakers: Then there is a short section on famous Fowerakers, found through searching the web. This contains a growing collection of paintings by A.M.Foweraker, found on the web.

Guestbook: If you have any comments of suggestions, or would like to make contact with some other Fowerakers, then please sign one of our guestbooks.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions or sign the Foweraker.com guestbook. We'd love to here from other Fowerakers around the world.

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